Here are some frequently asked questions.


Question:  Can mental health professionals from any country complete your course?

Answer:  Certainly, as long as the trainee has Internet access.  In terms of supervision, Skype could be used for trainees outside of the USA, whereas typically, supervision for trainees within the USA is handled via telephone.


Question:  What is included with the trainings?

Answer:  Each level contains a manual, audios from a live training of that certification level, and slides for you to follow as you are listening to the audios.  An online exam is also included.  Upon successful completion, you may download your certification for you to print. 


Question:  What if I’ve already completed a certification level or two via the RLT Home Study Programs or a live certification training with Dr. Pucci?

Answer:  Simply register online on this website for the level for which you qualify.  We will quickly determine that you indeed are eligible for that level and will promptly provide you access.


Question: Who is eligible to be certified?

The pre-requisites for certification are:


  • Masters Degree or Above in Mental Health Field (Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Psychiatry)
  • OR
  • Masters Degree in Psychiatric Nursing
  • OR
  • Masters Degree in Divinity with Training in Pastoral Counseling
  • OR
  • Graduate Student in a Mental Health Field (Must complete your graduate program before becoming certified as a Rational Living Therapist)


 Question: Must I complete all training levels?

Answer:  No.  Trainees may complete however many levels they desire.  However, to obtain the Certified Rational Living Therapist credential, all levels and the practicum must be completed.


Question: Can I skip a level to get to information I’m really interested in?

Answer:  No.  Each level builds upon the knowledge gathered from previous levels.  The training is as systematic as the therapeutic approach.


Question: How is my knowledge assessed? 

Answer: An online exam is provided at the end of each course.  The trainee must obtain a grade of 90% or better to pass.

 Question: Do I need to do anything to maintain my certification, like earn continuing education credits?

Answer:  No.  We encourage continuing education, but it is not required.

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