The Online Training Process


The online training process is pretty straightforward.

1. Begin with the training level for which you currently qualify.

2. Register for that online certification level.

3.  Once you are granted access (immediate with Level-One),  read the course instructions and print out the course manual.

4. Listen to each unit’s audio while following with the slides.

5. Once you have completed all of the unites for the course, complete the online examination.

6. Upon successful completion of the examination, a Certificate will be available for you to download and print.

7. You then will be qualified to begin the next level.

8. Be certain to read “The Certification Process” section of this website for complete details.

The training levels are arranged sequentially to provide a systematic approach to your training.  The levels must be completed in the proper order with Level-One being the first level and Level-Four being the last level.

All mental health professionals and mental health graduate students are granted immediate access to the Level-One Certification program upon registration.  Trainees wishing to take advantage of Levels Two-Four may register for them, but the training center will manually grant access to those levels after it is determined that the previous levels have been successfully completed (this requires less than 24 hours).

You may take advantage of the online certification programs if you have received received previous RLT certification trainings.   For example, if you completed the Level-One Home Study program with CDs (or a live RLT Certification program with Dr. Pucci), you may register for the Level-Two Online program.  When we determine that you indeed did complete the Level-One training, you will be granted access to the Level-Two Online program.


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