The Cognitive-Behavioral Certification Process

Rational Living Therapy®

Certification Process


 Pre-requisite for Certified Rational Living Therapist:


  • Masters Degree or Above in Mental Health Field (Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Psychiatry)
  • OR
  • Masters Degree in Psychiatric Nursing 
  • OR
  • Masters Degree in Divinity with Training in Pastoral Counseling
  • OR
  • Graduate Student in a Mental Health Field (Must complete your graduate program before becoming certified as a Rational Living Therapist)


Certification Levels

There are Four Training Levels and a Practicum.  
Both beginning therapists and very experienced therapists have told us over the past 25 years that our training process has greatly enhanced their ability to help people to help themselves.


  • The Theory and Philosophy of RLT and Why It is Required Knowledge
  • The Complete Therapeutic Process, from Assessment to Intervention to Termination and Relapse Prevention
  • Complete Explanation of Homework Assignments and How to Greatly Increase Compliance
  • Correcting Many Forms of Resistance
  • Intro. to the Treatment of Specific Problem Areas
  • Introduction to Group Therapy



  • Treatment of “Personality Disorders” from Engagement to Treatment to Termination and Relapse Prevention
  • Advanced “Core Belief” / Underlying Assumption Assessment and Treatment
  • Advanced Cognitive Modification Skills
  • Advamced Application to Mood / Anxiety Disorders
  • Group Therapy



  • Rational Motivational Interviewing
  • Comprehensive and Systematic Marital / Relationship Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Treatment of Children



  • Advanced Case Application (In-Depth Work on Therapy Cases Presented by Attendees)
  • Advanced Assessment
  • Advanced Treatment
  • Extensive Practice in Developing Rational Replacement Thoughts



Practicum (24 30-minute supervision sessions conducted via telephone with Dr. Aldo Pucci.  Trainees present case examples and Dr. Pucci provides feedback to help the trainees take full advantage of the power of Rational Living Therapy.  Each session is only $25.)


 Additional Available Training / Certifications


— Certified RLT Supervisor

— Certified RLT Instructor

 — Certified Rational Hypnotherapist (Some Rational Living Therapists elect to utilize this cognitive-behavioral approach to hypnotherapy to enhance the effectiveness of therapy.  Rational Hypnotherapy is not a required aspect of Rational Living Therapy.)